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Feel Better

Many patients begin chiropractic care with a specific health concern. What is yours?

At Namaste, we believe in individualized, holistically focused care for our patients. We work with you, and more importantly, with your body to solve your health issues.

Stay Better

Your body is an amazing and wonderful machine, capable of much more than you realize. Your body contains innate wisdom – the knowledge and ability to heal itself. More often than not, we get in the way of our bodies ability to heal itself. Pain is a symptom of this. It is our bodies telling us something is wrong and it needs help addressing the problem.

Perform Better

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Portland, you have come to the best possible place.

If you are ready to achieve optimal health, and perform at your best come in to see us and wake up that wisdom within and allow yourself to thrive!

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Kyle (masseuse) is amazing! I’ve just booked my next massage and plan on joining the monthly massage club!


Whenever I’m in town I make sure I pay a visit to Dr. Knecht. He is one of the finest healers and doctors I know of.  Every time I see him he’s added some new tool or technique that is able to help me. His nutritional advice is always spot on. But, what separates him from most other doctors is he really gets to the root cause for why the problem is there to begin with . . .

Ray G
Ray G

Dr. Allen IS THE BEST!  I tell everyone I know to go see him.  I had chronic neck pain and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome that was making it so I could barely use my right arm.  He fixed me up and I only see him now for any structural, nutritional, or allergy issues I have come up.

Amy G
Amy G

The entire office staff has an amazing level of care and compassion. I look forward to my appointments at the office. The level of care is superb and the doctors really get acclimated to the body before adjusting. I highly recommend this office!

T Clark
T Clark